EXM Capital offer clients an opportunity to exploit the Global financial markets through our tailor made fund called the “Dynamic Credit Fund”, a total return-oriented fund designed to generate consistent returns through a combination of income and capital appreciation. The strategy is designed to invest, both long and short, in a wide variety of global credit instruments and it is not tied to particular benchmarks, asset classes, or sectors. The Dynamic Credit Fund also has the flexibility to invest strategically across a broad range of traditional and non- traditional income securities to find opportunities across sectors.

EXM Dynamic Credit Fund

Limited Supply
Non-sovereign status
Limited Supply

Benchmark-Agnostic Strategy

The Dynamic credit fund’s benchmark-agnostic strategy seeks to deliver attractive returns and defensively preserve capital through the credit Cycle

Traditional and Non-traditional

The fund seeks out high-conviction opportunities created by Dynamic global conditions and holds a relatively concentrated portfolio of traditional and non-traditional fixed income securities, including sovereign bonds, bank loans,and securitized instruments, including mortgage- and asset-backed securities, across global and U.S Fixed income markets. The fund also invests in non-investment grade and unrated bonds

Low Volatility

The fund also uses more derivatives than traditional bond funds in order to limit volatility while generating excess returns

Minimum Investment

The fund’s minimum initial investment amount is $15,000

EXM Capital has managed global portfolios for more than 8 years and this is a very exciting time for the evolution of our platform. We listened to our clients and designed Dynamic Credit to seek an attractive return Stream with a strong emphasis on capital preservation.

-Asher Schur (Senior Portfolio Manager, Dynamic Credit Fund)

EXM Dynamic Credit Funds

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