The NFP ( Non-Farm payroll) report Causes one of the most consistently largest rate movements of any news announcements in the financial market, which leads to a positive effect on the Nation’s currency.

Job creation is an important indicator of economic health, because consumer spending which is highly correlated with labor conditions makes up a large Portion of GDP.

The release of the NFP Generally occurs on the first Friday of every month at 8.30 EST. this news creates a favorable environment for investment traders because it provides a near Guarantee of a tradable move following the announcement

Our investment strategy is time-tested.

Limited Supply

Primary Phase

This phase consists of trades executed during the favorable conditions created as a result of the released NFP Report Statistics. Be assured of a quality NFP trading service as we at EXM Capital are fully equipped and ready to profit.

Secondary Phase

In this phase, profits made from the primary phase are used to purchase large volumes of securities from the companies that issue and distribute them in batches to financial institutions who in turn now make them available directly to institutional and retail investors. EXM Capital serves as a core liquidity provider for transactions in the securities.


Minimum Investments $10k
ROI (Returns on Investment) 16% - 18%
Duration - 1 Month

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