Alternative investment

Alternative investment

Global, open alternative to traditional financial services.

Financial functions

Financial functions

Replicates financial functions such as borrowing, lending, and exchanging assets.



Does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Powered by native digital assets and utilizes smart contracts.

DeFi is on
the rise.

Decentralized finance ( DeFi ) is eating up the entire world of centralized finance

DeFi is Wall Street on chain without the corruption, it is the single largest investment opportunity.

DeFi’s potential is worth more than x380

Bitcoin is the most talked about crypto, but ethereum has more features in its hosting of decentralized finance.

We’ve invested in DeFi and heavily so, the upside potential on this sector is incredible as it is still very undervalued.

DeFi is a liquidity blackhole and right now the market cap of all DeFi projects sits under $90 billion.

In fact 90% of accredited investors in the US are looking Invest in this sector this year

Why invest?

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Compelling Hedge


Participate in the growth of a new financial frontier.

Digital store of value


Diversify your crypto exposure.

EXM DeFi Private Placement

EXM Defi Private Placement focuses in Decentralized finance investment opportunities through various methodology such as Investing, Trading, staking, lending, and mining.
EXM Defi Private Placement has been designed to offer exclusive in-depth access to the ever growing Defi market.
With our Private placement program, a selected accredited, and exclusive investors have the flexibility to take advantage of the latest Defi Projects and make x340 profits off them.
The private placement provides full access with the benefits of sound risk management and diversification to reduce volatility



The EXM Defi private Placement provides targeted Exposure to one of the most exciting use-cases of The crypto industry. Decentralized Finance has the power to disrupt Segments of the financial industry that are worth Trillion of dollars



The EXM Defi private Placement provides investors With solutions for gaining exposure to the most important Defi Projects. A robust Methodology Can increase the chances of owning the industry Winners over the long term.



Assets are held with second-to-none institutional Grade custody execution platforms. EXM Defi Private placement continuously evaluates security Developments to stay up-to-date on industry best Practices continuously .